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Release Date: August 7, 2019


  • Add optionw to view, edit, print a specific response
  • Allow user to open a response by clicking on it
  • Add option to download uploaded files
  • Add search by email
  • Bring translate JSONs to the standard structure
  • Improvements into validation system

Bug Fixes:

  • [Import Contacts] Server error is displayed when some .csv files are uploaded
  • [Import Contacts] An error is displayed after invalid file format uploading
  • [Import Contacts] should not contain field Status.
  • Issues with new View Response feature
  • Validation messages not showing
  • Matrix date-picker is not displayed in Single-Line
  • Cancelling the ‘create survey dialog’ generates validation error
  • Increasing Column value on Multiline Text Item does not increase response box width
  • Average Score Reports are incorrect
  • Rating Scale Width Issue
  • Various rating Item fixes
  • “Sign Out” button is not displayed on take survey when test link is used first
  • Link is not displayed if “Display link to Url” link option was chosen
  • Duplicates of Profile Property Name should not be allowed
  • Error is displayed when try to add dashboard item
  • When using the Edit Response feature, previous responses are not displayed; new response is created.
October 27, 2020