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Release Date: October 16, 2019


  • Allow more then one item on the page during Exporting Dashboard/Report to PDF
  • Add loading trigger on export survey page
  • Add a Print Report button option
  • Security enhancement – more than one user may not be logged in with the same username concurrently
  • Add an “Export to PDF in Progress” message
  • PDF styling enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Anonymous Respondent is displayed in Responses even when user is logged in to take survey
  • Page breaks should be recognized on PDF exports of reports
  • Remove subdomain field from Reset Password field for on-premises installations
  • “Member not found” error on a Dashboard pdf export in IE
  • Editing a response with a file upload item removes the file attachment
  • Error received after unsuccessful self registration
  • Non-System Admin received a 403 error when exporting a survey to PDF
  • Spinner is displayed when opening an access list survey
  • Deadlock error on upgraded account
  • A user with “Analyze Data” permissions for a survey can not access the standard Report
  • Error is displayed when using the link from the reset password email
  • Error is displayed on large surveys when accessing the standard Report tab
  • Question Text missing from Response Details and Summary Table Items
  • Choices of some report items are empty
  • Invitation batch was partially sent without any error message
October 27, 2020