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Release Date: August 28, 2019


  • Build functionality to localize confirmation dialogs
  • Localize Account Settings
  • Display Checkbox Version number in the console
  • Add “Response Rate %”  to the invitation statistics
  • Feature to detect old browsers/compatibility issues
  • Update system setting UI to include setting that allows non-system admins to download response file uploads

Bug Fixes:

  • “Send To Pending Recipients” issue
  •  Error is displayed after trying login as AD user
  • Arabic characters of a survey title display as ??? in reports
  • Page number is not displayed when an appropriate option is enabled
  • Multiple choice should be implemented in Groups
  • Total count is wrong for GET /reports (API)
  • Login credentials persisted in cookies/cache despite logging out
  • Exception after a successful logout
October 27, 2020