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Release Date: September 18, 2019


  • Searching “My Responses” can be done by invitation recipient ID instead of the GUID
  • Added validation of response limits for resume response
  • Added style template settings in the Survey Settings
  • [Server] Test upgrades with other database schema than dbo
  • Add an upload indicator for the File Upload item
  • Style Template List Enhancement
  • Application Settings reorganization

Bug Fixes:

  • No way for respondents to access and edit submitted responses or partial responses when the survey is sent to email address
  • Response limit enforced when a new response is started, not when there is one already in progress
  • ‘Reply-to’ email address for invitations is incorrect
  • Database upgrade issue: language issues
  • Survey title is not displayed for all surveys
  • Can’t to delete styles that are in use
  • Token is still valid after username is edited
  • Wrong PDF Export charts displaying
  • Caching issues after import of survey texts
  • Menu is not displayed for several roles
  • [Server] Menu is not displayed for any user
  • Admin is not able to give System Admin role to any other user
  • Error when submitting a password for a password-protected survey
  • Error when importing contacts on account upgraded from 6 to 7 (10k limit)
  • Various IE bugs
  • ‘Sign Out’ button is absent when a user is logged into Take Survey through an email invitation link
  • Images are not displayed in the email if they are inserted to an Invitation Message via ‘Upload’
  • User unable to export large amount of Response Data
  • Empty answers for non-answered question are not displayed on Response Summary item
  • Email Invitation Details are downloading in Text form instead of CSV
  • Loading “issue” with Create Survey dialog
  • Dragging and dropping dashboard chart position has no effect on live reports
  • Argument error can not be null or empty” is displayed when entered value is invalid
  • Fix validation for checkbox items
  • Hosted – Potential security issue — authenticating on one account allows access to certain API methods on another account
  • NPS Report format cleanup


October 27, 2020