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Release Date: October 3, 2019


  • Create tenant related services inside tenant scope
  • Password reset changes – security improvements
  • Change password reset verification messages to enhance security
  • Update to change password reset email text (hosted)
  • Detect browser’s version and display message for outdated browser (fix for IE 10)
  • Add Created By info for surveys

Bug Fixes:

  • Conflicting answers between Max Diff items within one page
  • Missing validations on certain items
  • Html Multi-line item issues on mobile/iPad
  • System level validation text is not working in other languages
  • “Password reset” is not workin on take survey
  • Error message appears when opening a response with an answer for removed question item
  • Wrong Slider width in IE
  • Ignore ‘not found’ recipients to prevent 404 in Share tab
  • Request to create report should be sent just when “Report” tab is clicked
  • Invalid “Page Branching” causes error on upgraded user’s account
October 27, 2020