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Release Date: November 6, 2019


  • Add “Use Aliases” option for Dashboard charts
  • Make Checkbox Support link open in a new tab

Bug Fixes:

  • Licenses for Checkbox 6 became invalid after AD limit changes
  • Profile Properties cannot be merged into the survey body when survey is set to Make Responses Anonymous
  • Contacts/groups are multiplying in case ‘Search+Get More’
  • Exception thrown when viewing Invitation Details on Checkbox hosted account
  • ReportAdmin role issues
  • Respondent is signed out when redirected or when clicking on a new survey link
  • Various Matrix item issues
  • Improve handling of unexpected exceptions during sending of invitations
  • Wrong rounding w/decimal values on Sum Total
  • Issues with global Dashboard filters
  • Longer drop down options are truncated
  • Disable “Back” and “Next” buttons on “Take Survey” once they were clicked
  • Page is reloaded when <Report> tab is clicked
  • Email field should be required for reset password
  • Type on French version “Contacts” menu option
  • Filters list is not expanded from ‘Button view’ -> ‘List view’ on opening “Edit”
  • Doughnut chart lacks some color options
  • Various Dashboard/Report Export to PDF Issues
  • Manycopies are sent after invitation sending
October 27, 2020