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Release Date: November 20, 2019


  • Survey Templates Feature
  • Add Filters at the report level to the standard report

Bug Fixes:

  • Matrix is cropped when exporting a report to PDF
  • Adjust padding of charts for y axis left digits so they are not cut off
  • Make ‘CurrentDate’ merge codes work in “Default text” for Date answers
  • Inability to save MM/DD or DD/MM format in certain cases
  • Discrepancy of axis values and column tops in certain charts
  • When a survey page does not contain any question items, do not create a Report page for it
  • Completed Sum Total response with decimal values in it causes 500 error on the Reports page
  • Test Links require login credentials in some cases
  • 500 error caused by repeatedly clicking the survey Back button
  • Matrix summary report should be displayed without cropping on the Report tab
  • Timeout on PDF Export
  • Custom survey login text not displaying properly
  • Move survey access/permissions validation messages to the content frame
  • Invalid column name ‘Name’ error is displayed when performing Upgrade
October 27, 2020