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Release Date: December 4, 2019

Bug Fixes:

  • Incorrect validation message for checkbox items
  • Issues with Dashboard and quick Report permissions
  • Quick Reports do not show on Available Reports page
  • Deadlock error when copying multiple surveys
  • Remove an ability to set SurveyPage as a data source for any chart type except ‘Average Score by Page’
  • Charts are displayed in different sizes when exporting
  • Corrected grammatical error “No recipients has been found”
  • Add top and left paddings when exporting reports
  • Add padding at the top of pages 2+ when exporting reports
  • Dashboards tab is not displayed for the Survey Admin role
  • Certain text formatting is not working in cases when it is a formatted choice
  • Round numbers have trailing zeros when scoring is enabled
  • Change to error logging for 404 & security errors
October 27, 2020