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Release Date: January 13, 2020


  • Support Contacts search by email
  • Enhancements to create Dashboard chart screen
  • Add sorting ability to Manage Invitations
  • Add PDF export in process messaging

Bug Fixes:

  • Contact Admin is not able to create new contact because of no access to the Everyone group by default
  • Importing existing users no longer adds them to the group specified in the import
  • Issue with invitation auto-logging in [IE]
  • Available surveys page only shows Public Surveys
  • Folder/Folder’s content should be available for Report Admin if he has appropriate permissions
  • Matrix headers not aligned in matrix item [IE]
  • Several ‘Expression should be true’ errors in hosted account
  • Language Choice dropdown not displayed at the beginning of survey when survey is reloaded
  • Save and Exit errors when Drag and Drop Rank Order items are present
  • “Cannot read property ‘outlets’ of null ” is displayed when viewing a Report for certain surveys
  • No option to export a survey to PDF in multiple languages
  • Question numbers are cut on export file
  • Some languages are displayed in wrong format
  • Quantity of responses on reports is not equal to the quantity on responses page in certain cases
  • Separate words are not searched on /surveys page
  • Issues with incorrectly displaying some surveys on Available Surveys page
  • Various interface cleanup tasks
  • Handling of large character counts in survey, template and group names
October 27, 2020