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Release Date: January 29, 2020


  • Localize “Answer” for Rank Order and Matrix Single Line
  • localization of text input prompts
  • Set consistent list of fonts across all HTML editors
  • Set default font across all HTML editors
  • Performance enhancement – load page items for selected page, not for all pages in survey

Bug Fixes:

  • Images always added to surveys with a set width of 150px
  •  Response from deleted contact does not load in View Responses
  • Error 404 when going to <Report> after a page was deleted with a matrix in it
  • Deleted contacts from “Contacts” remains in the recipient lists
  • Error when a Contact Property was deleted and there was a filter with it
  • Group Get more> button is not displayed until something is searched
  • The Style in header lacks selected style when editing a style
  • ‘CurrentDate’ merge code send datetime instead of just date in answers
October 27, 2020