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What Can I Do?

With the survey-wide javascript and CSS features, the possibilities are pretty extensive on what you can do with your survey. Here is a brief list of things that can be achieved :

  • Restyle items dynamically
  • Alter the appearance and layout of your survey
  • Perform calculations based on user input
  • Prepopulate user input via an API
  • Reference third party libraries to gain access to their features
  • Reference external stylesheets for enhanced branding
  • Add additional front end versions of items ( for example star rating type questions )
  • Add custom scripts to your survey
  • Add custom styles to your survey
  • Add custom client-side validation to your questions

Although the enhancements that you can make are quite significant there are a few things you cannot do.

  • Alter the workflow of a survey
  • Create completely new custom items
  • Save data outside of an existing item
  • Access any server-side logic for the survey
November 16, 2016