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External Javascript Libraries

If enabled, the survey-wide javascript feature allows you to add your own external javascript libraries. Checkbox by default references several third party libraries that you can leverage when writing custom javascript for your survey.

Keep in mind that if you reference a different version of a library already referenced it may prevent your survey from functioning properly.

Here is a list of the third-party libraries, and their versions, included in every Checkbox survey.

Library Name Version
jquery-ui 1.10.2
jquery 1.11.1
tiny_mce 4.1.9
jquery-uniform N/A
jquery-mobile 1.3.2

Checkbox also contains several javascript libraries written by our team to facilitate necessary survey actions. You are welcome to leverage any of those libraries in your survey as well. We strongly suggest that you avoid the workflow.js library unless you are familiar with the Checkbox Survey workflow code.

November 16, 2016