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The header section of the survey is controlled mostly by the style that is attached to the survey

<div class="headWrapper">
    <span id="_responseView__pageView_Layout___headerZone">
      <div id="_responseView__pageView_Layout___headerZone__headerPanel" 

    	My Test Header

    <div class="clear"></div>

In the sample code above you can see the text “My Test Header”, this data is coming from a style that is assigned to the survey.

In the survey-wide javascript or CSS you can access the contents of the header by using a jquery selector on the “surveyHeaderWrapper” class.

For instance :


This allows you to dynamically populate the contents of the header, and also apply custom styles to the header. The header does not support assigning custom classes in the manner items do, but if you wanted to style the header to match your own website you could, in your javascript, add a class to the header like this :


The header would then carry over any styles from your referenced style sheet.

November 16, 2016