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Checkbox’s latest version, 2016 Q4, will be deployed to Checkbox Online as well as being made available to all Server and Enterprise customers with an active support contract soon. The SDK and Source Code should be available shortly after. Detailed release notes can be found below.

If you would like to reactivate your support contract in order to receive access to the latest version, please contact our sales department.

Expected release dates are as follows,

Platform Release Date Released
Checkbox Online – US  12/6/2016
Checkbox Online – Canada  12/7/2016
Checkbox Online – EU  12/7/2016
Checkbox Server  12/9/2016
Checkbox Server – Enterprise  12/9/2016
Checkbox Server – SDK 12/29/2016

Important Notes About Patching or Upgrading to 2016 Q4:

  • Patch versus Upgrade: If you are currently on version 4.7, please follow the Upgrade Guide to upgrade to version 2016 Q4. If you are currently on any version of 5 or 6 (including 2014 Q4, 2015 Q1, or 2015 Q2), please follow the Patch Guide.
  • Test Your Upgrade/Patch: We strongly recommend that you test your patch or upgrade in a test environment before updating your production environment. As always, please backup your database before patching or upgrading.
  • Messaging Service: Customers that are using the Checkbox messaging service in any version prior to 6.3 will need to follow the UpgradeMessagingService.pdf guide located in the Documentation folder. Failure to update the messaging service will cause issues with the application and invitations. Earlier versions of the messaging service are no longer supported by Checkbox 2016 Q4. If you updated the messaging service with any patch after 6.2, you are all set.

What’s new?

  • Rating item
  • Survey-wide javascript & CSS
  • Custom CSS class names
  • Active Directory groups & email lists

What’s fixed?

  • Save & Exit page for surveys will now auto-populate the email address field if the response is being completed by a user
  • Branching tied to hidden items on any page after the first page should now function as expected
  • Resolved issues related to Anonymized surveys not being marked as responded for invitations
  • Resolved several security vulnerabilities related to XSS
  • Resolved data consistency issues which could result in a “Page Visibilities” error
  • Corrected issues which could result in a Save & Exit link not functioning properly and returning an error message
  • Corrected several issues related to exporting PDF files when logged into Checkbox as an AD user
  • Slider and Rank order questions that are on the same page should no longer sometimes overlap each other when viewing the survey preview
  • Slider item with images should no longer have the images distorted in some cases
  • Sum total matrix item validation should no longer fail to function when default values are present
  • Resolved an issue where the “Other” text box was not displaying for drop down items on mobile devices
  • Resolved UI issue where the export options were not accessible under certain conditions for the survey dashboard
  • Resolved several issues related to folder deletion causing surveys that were in the folder to become “ghost surveys”
  • Resolved several issues related to libraries
  • Several additional languages were added to the Checkbox Online platform

Web services & technical information

  • ReportDataService.GetResultsForSurveyItem now returns proper data
  • UserManagementService.CreateUser corrected an issue which could cause profile data to not save correctly under specific circumstances
  • InvitationManagementService.SendInvitationToFilteredRecipientList corrected an issue with the “Pending” filter which was causing an Object Reference exception
  • Resolved several instances of stored procedures referencing dbo
  • The /api directory has been removed. Please utilize the /services for all web service access
  • Updated moment.js library to resolve potential DDOS vulnerability

Security Update Notices

In order to increase the security of the application, Checkbox will be releasing security updates throughout the lifespan of 2016 Q4. You can find more information regarding these updates, and how to apply them here: https://www.checkbox.com/docs/release-notes/checkbox-survey-release-2016-q4/security-update-notices/

Developer Portal

With 2016 Q4 we are also launching our new Developer Center  which contains web service documentation as well as documentation to help users with building out more advanced customizations to their surveys by using the new survey wide CSS and survey wide javascript features. You can find more information on the developer in our “Introducing Checkbox Developer Center” blog post.

Future Notes

Checkbox will be optimizing some of our web services and the workflow behind them in the upcoming releases for 2017. These changes will affect the invitation, report data, and user management services. We will provide documentation on those changes in the developer center. If you are utilizing those services we strongly suggest that you check the release notes prior to updating your application for any release in 2017 and check our developer center for updates on any changes in progress.

January 23, 2020