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Checkbox’s latest version, 2017 Q4, will be deployed to Checkbox Online as well as being made available to all Server and Enterprise customers with an active support contract soon. The SDK and Source Code should be available shortly after. Detailed release notes can be found below.

If you would like to reactivate your support contract in order to receive access to the latest version, please contact our sales department.

Expected release dates are as follows,

Platform Release Date Released
Checkbox Online – US 12/5/2017  X
Checkbox Online – Canada 12/7/2017  X
Checkbox Online – EU 12/7/2017  X
Checkbox Server 12/12/2017  X
Checkbox Server – Enterprise 12/12/2017  X
Checkbox Server – SDK 12/13/2017  X


Important Notes About Patching or Upgrading to 2017 Q4:

  • Patch versus Upgrade: If you are currently on version 4.7, please follow the Upgrade Guide to upgrade to version 2017 Q4. If you are currently on any version of 5 or 6 (including 2014 Q4 through 2017 Q2)), please follow the Patch Guide.
  • Test Your Upgrade/Patch: We strongly recommend that you test your patch or upgrade in a test environment before updating your production environment. As always, please backup your database before patching or upgrading.
  • Messaging Service: Customers that are using the Checkbox messaging service in any version prior to 2017 Q2 will need to follow the UpgradeMessagingService.pdf guide located in the Documentation folder. Failure to update the messaging service will cause issues with the application and invitations. Earlier versions of the messaging service are no longer supported by Checkbox 2017 Q4.
  • System Requirements: The minimum system requirements for Checkbox have changed with the 2017 Q2 update. Please review the system requirements in the Upgrade, Path, or Installation documentation guide for more information and to ensure that your server meets the new requirements.


  • New Max Diff question type – a market-research style question that allows you to measure preference of items or factors in multiple best-worst scenarios.Max Diff Survey Question
  • New Max Diff reporting item – a new report to measure the score of the options in the Max Diff question, above.
  • Word Cloud feature for open text analysis – a new reporting item to help summarize open text responses, depending on the frequency of commonly used words.
  • New signature line question type – allows you to capture respondents’ electronic signatures within your survey. Signatures are stored as coordinates so they can be viewed and printed by an admin.



  • Updates to NPS Report Item
    • Large visual updates to the NPS report item
  • Updates to Matrix Sum Total
    • Matrix sum total item will now display the running total at the bottom of the matrix

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with scrolling on the add item to library dialog
  • Resolved an issue with the text editor not displaying properly with certain browser settings
  • Resolved an issue where the Message / HTML item would not pull default styles from the style template applied to a survey
  • Resolved an issue where bulletted lists would not show bullets properly in question text
  • Resolved an issue where the invitation footer would not copy over when an invitation was copied
  • Resolved a single sign on JWT issue related to the Take Survey page
  • Resolved an issue where the alias for questions would not update properly when exporting responses
  • Resolved an indenting issue with multiple slider items on the same page
  • Added a language declaration to surveys to help support screen readers for accessibility of surveys
January 23, 2020