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Add Email Address To Email List Panel

The AddEmailAddressesToEmailListPanel() method can be utilized to populate an already created email list with addresses. The addresses will need to be passed into the method as an array of strings. Since email lists cannot contain complex user data you can only insert simple strings as email addresses. If you want to add complex user data you will need to utilize users and or user groups.

    class Test
        static void Main()
            var invProxy = new InvitationManagementServiceClient();

            //Add email to panel
            var addEmailToPanelResult = invProxy.AddEmailAddressesToEmailListPanel(authToken,
                1015, new[] { "dev@checkbox.com" });

            if (addEmailToPanelResult.CallSuccess)
                Console.WriteLine("Successfully added email address to panel");
                throw new Exception();

Input Parameters

Parameter Type Description
authToken string Authentication token to validate permission over the data requested
emailListPanelID id ID of the email list to add the addresses to
emailAddresses string[] Array of email addresses as strings
May 15, 2017