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Send Invitation to Filtered Recipient List

The SendInvitationToFilteredRecipientList() method can be utilized to send to a subset of the recipients on your invitation recipient list.

class Test
        static void Main()
            var invProxy = new InvitationManagementServiceClient();
            var sendInvitationResult = invProxy.SendInvitationToFilteredRecipientList(authToken,
               1015, "Pending");
            if (sendInvitationResult.CallSuccess)
                Console.WriteLine("Successfully sent invitation");


Input Parameters

Parameter Type Description
authToken string Authentication token to validate permission over the data requested
invitationID int Id of the invitation to send to your recipients
recipientFilter string Filter to select which recipients should be sent an invitation

Recipient Filter Values

Filter Description
All All recipients
Current All current recipients
Responded All recipients that have responded
NotResponded All recipients that have not responded
Pending All recipients that are pending
May 15, 2017