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Create User

The CreateUser method can be utilized to create a new user within Checkbox. This user is created with default roles and permissions. You can easily create a user with profile properties via the “Profile” object that you submit with the method call. The sample on the right displays how to create a user with a profile.

class Test
    static void Main()
        var client = new UserManagementServiceClient();

        //Build a user profile
        SimpleNameValueCollection userProfile = null;
        var profileProperties = new SimpleNameValue[2];

        profileProperties[0] = new SimpleNameValue { Name = "firstName", Value = "Test-FirstName" };
        profileProperties[1] = new SimpleNameValue { Name = "lastName", Value = "Test-LastName" };

        userProfile = new SimpleNameValueCollection { NameValueList = profileProperties };
        //End building of user profile

        var newUser = client.CreateUser(authToken, "Test-Username", "Test-Password", "Test-Email@testemail.com",
            userProfile, true);

        if (!newUser.CallSuccess)

        Console.WriteLine("User created with username {0}", newUser.ResultData);

        //Always close the client


Input Parameters

Parameter Type Description
authToken string Authentication token to validate permission over the data requested
userName string Username to create for the new user
password string Password for the new user
emailAddress string Email address of the new user
profile SimpleNameValueCollection This object takes in key/value ( NameValueList ) object to fill in the users profile
updateIfExists bool If set to true the application will update the user if it exists with the information provided. If set to false the application will ignore the request if the user exists.
November 15, 2016