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Get Users

The GetUsers method matches the GetUserData method in data returned except that it returns data for multiple users matching filtering parameters.

class Test
    static void Main()
        var client = new UserManagementServiceClient();

        var getUsersResponse = client.GetUsers(authToken, null, 1, 2, null, true, null, null);

        if (!getUsersResponse.CallSuccess)

        var userList = getUsersResponse.ResultData.ResultPage;

        foreach (var user in userList)
            Console.WriteLine("UserName: {0} | Email: {1} | First Name: {2}", user.UniqueIdentifier, user.Email, user.Profile.NameValueList[0].Value);
            if (user.RoleMemberships != null)
                Console.WriteLine("User has the following roles :");
                foreach (var role in user.RoleMemberships)

        //Always close the client


Input Parameters

Parameter Type Description
authToken string Authentication token to validate permission over the data requested
provider string This should be a null or empty string
pageNumber int Page number to pull for users supplying 0 will pull all pages at once
pageSize int Number of results to pull into a single page of users
sortField string Field to sort the data returned on. Valid values are : UniqueIdentifier, Email
sortAscending bool True will sort the data ascending, false will sort the data descending
filterField string Field to filter user data on. Valid values are : UniqueIdentifier, Email, UserName, GUID, Created, CreatedBy, ModifiedDate, ModifiedBy
filterValue string Value to filter the FilterField on
There is currently an issue in 2016 Q4 which causes this method to not sort properly by “Email”
February 24, 2017