February 6, 2020|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox News, News|

Learn more about hosting your Checkbox surveys and data in the UK.

Checkbox is pleased to expand its global survey hosting options with the addition of a hosting location in London, UK. Checkbox customers can now choose to host their surveys and data securely in the US, Canada, EU, UK or Australia. All data is hosted via Amazon AWS, which provides best-in-class security and compliance programs, as well as scalability and reliability across its global regions.

Checkbox has been serving organizations in Europe, including the UK, since 2002. Many of these organizations have historically opted for our on-premises version in order to maintain their data within the UK. The addition of a cloud-hosted location in the UK now gives those organizations in the ability to take advantage of the ease and flexibility of cloud-hosting, while complying with UK privacy laws and minimizing latency due to geographical distance. This is, of course, especially relevant given the UK’s recent withdrawl from the EU. (Regarding GDPR as it applies to the UK and Brexit, Checkbox will continue to monitor applicable rulings and adjust its Privacy Policy accordingly in order to offer maximum data privacy protections for all its users.)

UK hosting is available with Checkbox Professional, Team and Enterprise plans. Each of these Checkbox plans includes basic and advanced survey features, including logic, merging, multi-language surveys, multiple sharing options, responses reporting & exporting, and much more.

To learn more about Checkbox hosting in the UK, or any of our other regions, please contact us or sign up for a Free Trial in your preferred region today.