What does the face of your organization look like?

Every employee in your organization is a salesperson. From your web designer to your customer service reps to your product developers – everyone has an impact on how customers perceive and respond to your organization. Employees who are challenged, engaged in their work, and who feel heard are more productive and ultimately more valuable. Feedback from your employees on their work environment, customer relations, and other critical issues is also a unique and important vantage point from which to view the health of your organization. They are not only the face of your company, they are the front lines. Employee surveys powered by Checkbox allow you to stay on top of employee satisfaction and all the issues that employees face, which allows you to make more informed and intelligent decisions.

Feedback, Evaluations & Assessments

Online surveys are perfect for performance and 360 feedback evaluations, employee satisfaction surveys, exit interviews, and more. Adding scoring features also make them a great choice for training and other similar assessments, allowing the survey administrator to easily trigger follow-up actions based on a respondent’s score. And all of our surveys are fully mobile responsive and meet the latest accessibility guidelines, giving all of your employees full and fair access to your forms and surveys.

Contact Management and SSO

Making your online surveys simple to access and complete is critical to optimizing your response rates. With Checkbox’s Contact Management features, you can import (or use the API to automatically create and update) employee information such as name, contact information, personal data, team and manager details, and any other custom information of your choosing. Employees can be automatically signed into Checkbox through unique survey invitation links or Single Sign-On methods, allowing all that profile information to be associated with their responses for powerful reporting.

Secure Reporting & User Management

Keeping sensitive employee feedback and HR data secure is essential to maintaining employees’ trust and complying with applicable privacy laws. Checkbox’s user management and security features allow you to set up employees in groups by department or team and then restrict the access to each group’s results for complete access control and security. You can also set up automatic emails based on responses or respondent profile information, allowing you to route response data to the appropriate managers in real-time.

Survey Branding Your Employees Trust

Employee surveys that reflect your branding and work seamlessly with your website or intranet help evoke a feeling of trust with your employees, so we give you total control of the look and feel of your surveys. Customize your surveys by adding your own custom header and logo, choosing fonts and colors, formatting buttons text and colors, or adding background images and custom CSS – your survey branding is 100% in your control. Surveys can even be embedded in your website or intranet portal for a completely seamless survey taking experience.