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Quick Start: Add a Condition to a Question

What are Conditions? Conditions are rules that are applied to questions, display items, action items, or entire survey pages. The rules, or conditions, that you add determine when those questions, items or pages should be shown to the respondent. Con

February 14, 2019|

Quick Start: View Responses & Reports

View/Export Responses and Run Reports 1. View or Export Responses (your raw survey data) Go to the Responses tab of your survey to view and edit individual responses. Use the filter icon to filter out test/incomplete responses or add a date filter. C

February 14, 2019|

Quick Start: Distribute Your Survey

Share/distribute your Survey Checkbox allows you to share your survey via any of the following methods - you can feel free to choose one or more: via Checkbox email campaigns (includes scheduling, tracking and reminders) via Checkbox SMS/text campaig

February 14, 2019|

Quick Start: Full Guide

I. Sign in to Your Account Go to your app login page: https://www.checkbox.com/sign-in/ Enter your Checkbox Account Name, which you chose when creating your account. If you aren't sure of your account name, email us at support@checkbox.com. Enter you

February 8, 2019|

Quick Start: Create a Simple Survey

Create Your First Survey   1. Create a blank survey From the main Surveys area, click the Create Survey button.   2. Fill out your survey's info Name your survey Enter what you'd like to appear at the end of your custom survey URL. In this

February 8, 2019|

Quick Start: Survey Appearance and Settings

Survey Appearance and Settings Checkbox includes a number of different survey configuration options in the Settings area. Some you may use often, others infrequently or not at all. We encourage you to test out the different settings but contact suppo

February 8, 2019|