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How to Embed a Video in Your Survey

Embedding videos directly into your Checkbox Surveys is super quick and easy by hosting your video on a site like YouTube or Vimeo and then adding the embed code to a Checkbox HTML item in your survey. You can create a video for your intro or complet

January 7, 2020|

How to Create Multi-Language Surveys

Checkbox's multi-language feature offers the ability to create multiple translations for a single survey so that your respondents can choose their preferred language (or you can select it for them). Creating all your translations in a single survey a

January 7, 2020|

How to add a Hidden Item (Query String Variable)

What is a Hidden Item? Hidden Items allow you to store data in a response without the respondent seeing it or having to enter it within the survey. Think of them as empty buckets that you can fill with data by adding that data to the survey URL or re

April 28, 2019|