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Survey Appearance & Style

How to Add a Logo to your Survey Header

Adding Logos/Headers to Style Templates While you can certainly add a logo directly to your survey, creating a style template with your logo will allow you to re-use the same style template for multiple surveys so you don't have to duplicate your wor

January 7, 2020|

How to Customize with Style Templates

What are Style Templates? Styles templates are reusable templates that you create under the main Styles menu and then apply to your survey(s). Style templates allow you to: Add custom logos, headers and footers Add background images or colors Standar

April 11, 2019|

Quick Start: Survey Appearance and Settings

Survey Appearance and Settings Checkbox includes a number of different survey configuration options in the Settings area. Some you may use often, others infrequently or not at all. We encourage you to test out the different settings but contact suppo

February 8, 2019|