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Survey Creation

Question Type Overview

Radio Buttons (single choice) Use radio buttons when you’d like respondents to choose a single response from a list of available options. Include an “other” option so respondents can enter their own answer. Checkboxes (multiple choice) Use checkboxes

October 29, 2020|

How to Create Multi-Language Surveys

Checkbox's multi-language feature offers the ability to create multiple translations for a single survey so that your respondents can choose their preferred language (or you can select it for them). Creating all your translations in a single survey a

January 7, 2020|

Question Type Sample Survey

November 5, 2019|

How to Validate Open Text Responses

What is Text Validation? The Single Line Text question allows you to add validation rules to help ensure that your respondents' answers are formatted correctly and to help prevent data entry errors. When validation is added to your single line text q

September 5, 2019|

How to Create a Scored Survey

What is a Scored Survey? A scored survey is one in which you assign points to some or all of your question choices, and those points add up to the survey's total score. Scored surveys can be used for tests, quizzes, assessments, and almost any other

July 5, 2019|

Using Question and Answer Aliases

What is an Alias? An alias is alternate text for your survey questions and/or answers. They are never displayed to your respondents/survey takers, but can be displayed instead of the "regular" survey questions and/or answers in your summary reports o

February 8, 2019|

Quick Start: Create a Simple Survey

Create Your First Survey   1. Create a blank survey From the main Surveys area, click the Create Survey button.   2. Fill out your survey's info Name your survey Enter what you'd like to appear at the end of your custom survey URL. In this

February 8, 2019|