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Survey Logic, Merging & Actions

How to Trigger an Automatic Email

What's the difference between an Email Alert and an Email Response? You can add two different kinds of automatic emails to your survey - Email Alerts and Email Responses. Email Alerts and Email Responses are most often added to the Completion Page, b

April 22, 2020|

How to Merge/Pipe Text into Surveys

What is Merging? Merging (also called piping) allows you to take text from one source and merge or pipe it into another source. Text can be merged from previous questions, contact profile properties, or response properties (such as the survey date or

September 5, 2019|

Quick Start: Add a Condition to a Question

What are Conditions? Conditions are rules that are applied to questions, display items, action items, or entire survey pages. The rules, or conditions, that you add determine when those questions, items or pages should be shown to the respondent. Con

February 14, 2019|

Survey Logic (Conditions & Branching)

What are Conditions and Branching? Conditions and Branching (often called skip-logic) are both types of survey logic that can determine which pages and questions of the survey are shown to certain responses, allowing for a more customized survey expe

February 8, 2019|