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Survey Results

Using the Standard Report to View Results

If you'd like to view and/or share your survey results quickly and easily, the Standard Report (formerly known as the Quick Report in version 6) is a handy tool. The Standard Report, which can be found on the Report tab of your survey, is automatical

October 29, 2020|

Help with Multi-Language or Special Characters in Excel

Opening Responses in Excel that Contain Accents or Special Characters Microsoft Excel is the most common program used to open and analyze .csv files, but Excel isn't always able to handle multi-language or other special characters. This guide will wa

July 15, 2020|

Reports Overview

There are two ways to visually report on your survey reports in Checkbox - by using the standard/default Report and by using Dashboards. Standard Reports The Standard Report is accessed by clicking the survey's report icon from the survey dashboard o

April 23, 2020|

How to Filter your Dashboards and Reports

What is filtering? Applying a filter to your Report or Dashboard allows you to view a subset of your data. For instance, you may want to view results from a specific time period or from respondents in a certain location. Filters can be applied to an

September 10, 2019|

How to Create a Custom Dashboard Report

What is a Dashboard and how is it different from a report? A Dashboard is a custom report based on survey data. We call it a Dashboard, rather than a report, because you can pick and choose the charts you want to include and also include charts from

September 5, 2019|

Quick Start: View Responses & Reports

View/Export Responses and Run Reports 1. View or Export Responses (your raw survey data) Go to the Responses tab of your survey to view and edit individual responses. Use the filter icon to filter out test/incomplete responses or add a date filter. C

February 14, 2019|

How to Export Your Survey Responses

Your survey responses can be exported in order to run reports outside of Checkbox or import the results into another system or database. Responses can be exported as a .csv file, which can be opened in Excel, or as a .sav file, which is used by SPSS

February 8, 2019|