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Survey Sending & Sharing

How to Share Your Survey via SMS/Text

**SMS survey sharing is available for Advanced and Enterprise hosted customers and is included with on-premises licenses. Email sales@checkbox.com for details.** Some Important Notes Before You Get Started Account Limits SMS/Text survey sharing is an

March 17, 2021|

How to Schedule Email Campaign Reminders

How to Schedule Email Campaign Reminders After a Checkbox Email Campaign has been sent or scheduled, you have the ability to schedule one or more reminders with a reminder message of your choosing. For example, you could send an initial Checkbox emai

December 18, 2019|

How to Share your Survey via Email

Do I need to use Checkbox email campaigns or can I just use my own email? No - you are welcome to copy and paste the public survey link into your own personal or company email, if you would prefer. However, sending your surveys via Checkbox email cam

November 5, 2019|

Your Email Footer and CAN-SPAM

What is CAN-SPAM? CAN-SPAM, which stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act, is a law that governs all commercial email messages in the U.S. In a nutshell, CAN-SPAM says that when sending a commercial email you

November 5, 2019|

Quick Start: Distribute Your Survey

Share/distribute your Survey Checkbox allows you to share your survey via any of the following methods - you can feel free to choose one or more: via Checkbox email campaigns (includes scheduling, tracking and reminders) via Checkbox SMS/text campaig

February 14, 2019|