Customize Checkbox to Meet Your Needs

You can use our application source code* to change almost any aspect of Checkbox to meet your unique needs. Customize the application workflow, the administrative interface, and underlying business logic. White-label the interface under your organization’s name. Use your own visual identity. Integrate with key third-party systems. Create specific, detailed custom report items. Configure workflows and alerts in the way that works best for you. Add new survey functionality as you see fit.

The source code can be purchased separately, added on to an on-premises license, or purchased as part of our OEM license  To learn more about purchasing our licensing options, please contact our sales department.

* Source code licenses are available for internal customer use only. If you wish to embed our source code in a product to sell, an OEM license is required as well. Customization of the Checkbox application using either the source code or our software development kit requires custom development, which is not provided or supported by Checkbox at this time.

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