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Checkbox survey software completely meets your needs. It was easy to learn and any questions I have are always easily and clearly answered by the Checkbox support team!

Peter McDonald

Wealth by design

Checkbox survey software completely meets our needs. I can get surveys out very quickly and the response rate has been so high and the feedback so helpful that I would highly recommend this product to any company that values its customers.

Jamie B.

Marketing coordinator

Checkbox survey software is easy to use! The training materials, forums and webinars are great tools. The sales team and support team are very responsive to questions.

Debbie Marine

SNG, Inc./ITG, inc.

One Great survey tool,
two ways to host it.


Nothing to install
Unlimited surveys, questions, and responses
Secure hosting in the US, Canada, EU, Australia
Affordable plans for enterprises, teams and individuals

On-Premises (Installed) Software

Install on your own servers or private cloud.
Manage surveys from any standard browser.
Full control over your data access and privacy.
Active Directory, SSO, source code options.

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