Build smart surveys, collect better data with Checkbox Survey:

Create & Style

Improve response rates with custom-branded online surveys. Advanced survey logic, text merging, hidden variables, and multi-language capabilities give your respondents the best possible survey-taking experience.

Collaborate & Share

Make teamwork simple with survey software that's built for sharing. Easy-to-configure permissions let you share what's necessary with colleagues and clients, while keeping sensitive respondent data safe & secure.

Report & Analyze

Run professional analysis on the data you collect, or export your data to share with your team. Enhance your surveys with reporting and response summaries. Use our alerts to notify your team of developing issues.

Develop & Integrate

Take data collection to the next level with Checkbox Developer Tools. Integrate your surveys with existing systems, extend your applications, or customize your tools for a perfect fit with your organization’s unique data-capture needs.

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Professional survey software for a variety of needs:

What are your customers thinking right now?

Are your customers happy with your relationship? Are they with you for the long haul or are they thinking about making a change? The answers to these questions are the key to the health of your organization. Don't make educated guesses about where you stand. With Checkbox, you can collect customer satisfaction data quickly and thoroughly. Know your customers better. Serve them better. With Checkbox.

Are you putting your best face forward?

Every employee in your organization is a salesperson. At some level, every one of them plays a role in building customer loyalty. Energized, committed employees can be your secret weapon... and a disgruntled, disaffected staff can be deadly. Stay on the "secret weapon" side of the ledger by making your employees feel heard and involved. Checkbox powers employee surveys that help you stay in touch with the front lines, simply and cost-effectively.

Is your audience buying what you're selling?

It's a big world out there, and life at work is intense. It's easy to forget that the rest of the world doesn’t share your investment in your work. Keep your team on track. Even better, stay ahead of your market's needs. Whether you're dealing with customers, patients, students, or employees, our market research surveys help you stay in touch with the things they need and want the most.

It's 2016. Do you know where your forms are?

Work today, especially the data collection side of it, is a growing sea of web-based forms. Lead generation, employment applications, support requests... the list goes on and on. And attached to each new form is another set of development requests, database needs, and data security requirements. Checkbox Online makes it easy to create new forms, and to collect and store new types of form data in the most flexible and secure way possible.

Is your program meeting the needs of its best students?

Every year, educational alternatives are mushrooming around your best students. Checkbox makes it easy to remain the right learning solution for them, even in the face of advancing technology. Our professional survey tools help you stay in touch with where students are headed. Use Checkbox surveys to explore students’ evolving learning expectations, even before they fully understand them themselves. (And don't forget to check out our special pricing, just for educational institutions!)

Who uses Checkbox?

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Customer Testimonials

  • "Checkbox is a critical component to our survey research services. The product allows our team to rapidly create,
    deploy and administer interactive Web surveys to a wide variety of clinical studies
    all the while saving time and money in IT resources."

    Jason Rightmyer Children's Hospital Boston
  • "I appreciate having Checkbox for developing online surveys and static forms. It is very easy to use. Our users can deploy a simple survey within minutes with little to no specific Checkbox training."

    Joyce Buttery Miami University of Ohio
  • "Checkbox is easy to use. The training materials, forums and webinars are great tools. The sales
    team and support team are very responsive to questions."

    Debbie Marine SNG, Inc/ITG, Inc
  • "Checkbox has provided us with the flexibility to design surveys of our choice easily and quickly.
    I highly recommend it to any business looking for feedback."

    Peter McDonald Wealth by Design