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Financial Services

Secure & powerful client feedback platform, optimized for the needs of banking and financial services.

Financial Services

Financial Services & Banking survey platform that you need

  • Gather un-biased client feedback through automated touchpoints and follow-ups along the client journey.
  • Close blind spots and gaps in the client experience through any channel: SMS, Email, iFrames, Website or our REST API.
  • Analyse what your customers really think with Checkbox's powerful analytics. For more control, seamlessly integrate feedback into your data warehouse.
  • Our drag-and-drop interface requires no coding experience and lets you start as soon as you create an account.
  • We're successful, when you're successful. Get up and running one your own or leverage our team of experts to drive the ideal customer experience.
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Financial Services

We know Financial Services

Choose from our library of bank, insurance and financial services survey templates that are proven to drive results and feedback. Ask relevant questions with our various question types. Customize surveys and reports to match your brand guidelines, including colors, fonts, and logos. It's never been easier to level-up your Customer Experience in Financial Services.

Hosting Options & Security

The most flexible financial services experience platform allows you to run via SaaS or Self-host. Once you are up and running, your team can manage fine-grained user access controls of both admins and respondants.

BAA & Data Soveirgnty

You care about client success the way we care about data security. That's what we call a true partner. Choose the region in which you want to store your data or self-host our platform to drive ultimate security.

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