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Want the best insights? Meet people where they are with Checkbox' campaigns. We've built our campaign manager to deliver personal, powerful and targeted experiences through the channels that matter most to you.

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The power to engage anywhere

  • Omni-Channel: Whether you want to send an email, custom link, SMS/Text, embed the survey in your website or natively via our REST API, the limit is your imagination.
  • Real-time reporting: As more and more engagements take place, sit back and watch the results come into Checkbox in real-time with our reporting dashboards.
  • Powerful: Leverage user profile data to drive logic, target individuals and ensure the right types of engagement.
  • Easy-to-Use: We've built Checkbox to be intuitive and powerful to meet the needs of our thousands of users.
  • Secure: We've been working in government, healthcare, financial services and fortune 500s for years. We've got the track-record and solutions to work with any security needs.

Increase reach, responses and insights.

Getting survey results, employee feedback or solving customer experience is all about meeting your respondents where they are. We've built Checkbox's campaign manager to be the central routing system for engagement and feedback and reporting across your various channels. Once you gather and understand your opportunities, managing with whom and how often you share results in one easy-to-use platform.

Developers welcome!

If you want to dive deeper into our capabilities, make sure to check our our REST API documentation. We've built Checkbox from the ground-up with developers in mind and have the industries most flexible solution for deep integrations.

Not technical? No Problem!

We've worked hard to make Checkbox the easiest and most intuitive survey software on the market. Get up and running in a few clicks. If you need help, reach out! Whatever your needs, we have the plan, support or professional services to get the job done.

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Checkbox develops affordable, feature-rich survey software for organizations, teams, and individuals

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