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Dynamic User Profiles

Whether you want to update user profiles with your own data to drive personalization or you want your respondents to do so to ensure accurate data, we've got you covered.

Dynamic User Profiles
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Drive personal interactions to capture powerful insights

  • Flexible: Upload contacts to Checkbox seamlessly via our upload tool, webhooks or REST API.
  • Dynamic: As you learn more information about your respondents, Checkbox updates what you know about them to drive dynamic experiences.
  • Powerful: Leverage user profile data to drive logic, target individuals via specific channels and dive deep into results.
  • Easy-to-Use: Whether leveraging our interface or the REST API, we've made it simple to get the job done.
  • Secure: We've been working in government, healthcare, financial services and fortune 500s for years. We've got the track-record to work with any security needs.
Dynamic User Profiles

Profile Property Updater

As you collect information via surveys, campaigns or in your customer database; automatically update your Contact’s profile in Checkbox. Leverage stored user data in future campaigns or surveys. Take things to the next level by merging new information into a subsequent interaction to reflect any updates.

Developers welcome!

If you want to dive deeper into our capabilities, make sure to check our our REST API documentation. We've built Checkbox from the ground-up with developers in mind and have the industries most flexible solution for deep integrations.

Not technical? No Problem!

We've worked hard to make Checkbox the easiest and most intuitive survey software on the market. Get up and running in a few clicks. If you need help, reach out! Whatever your needs, we have the plan, support or professional services to get the job done.

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