Survey Template Library

Checkbox allows you to create professional surveys for many specific use cases with ease. Choose from the templates below and see how these pre-created surveys look like in Checkbox. Request a personalized demo to experience the full potential of Checkbox.

Remote Health Monitoring Survey Template

Improve the effectiveness of your remote health monitoring program by creating a dedicated survey with Checkbox

Gaps in Care Survey Template

Improve your patient experience by running a Gaps in Care Survey with Checkbox.

Employee Experience Survey Template

Improve employee experience at your organization by running an employee experience survey with Checkbox

Supply Chain Audit Template

Enhance the performance of your supply chain by creating a supply chain audit in Checkbox

Supply Chain Risk Management Template

Mitigate risks and ensure compliance of your supply chain by running a Checkbox supply chain survey

Website Feedback Survey Template

Get feedback on your website's design and effectiveness with Checkbox!

Workplace Stress Survey

Measure the stress levels and happiness of your employees with a Checkbox survey.

Customer Service Survey Template

Take your customer service to the next level with customer service surveys in Checkbox!

Consumer Behavior Survey Template

Better understand your current and future consumer preferences by frequently running dedicated surveys via Checkbox.

Brand Perception Survey Template

Get actionable feedback about audience perception towards your brand with a Checkbox survey.

Employee Benefits Survey Template

Assess the satisfaction with your employee benefits with an employee benefits survey in Checkbox!

Diversity and Inclusion Survey (D&I) Template

Identify sentiment and feedback regarding workplace culture by running a diversity and inclusion survey with Checkbox.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Identify areas for improvement and enhance your overall workplace satisfaction by running employee satisfaction surveys with Checkbox.

Mental Health Survey Template

Collect mental health related feedback via a Checkbox survey to drive meaningful mental health related improvements.

Health Outcome Survey Template

Better understand patients' satisfaction by running a dedicated health outcome survey in Checkbox.

Health Related Behaviors Survey Template

Better understand patient behavior and link insights to health outcomes with a Checkbox survey

Hospital Performance Evaluation Survey Template

Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Connect feedback from patients to specific shifts, departments or caregivers to drive meaningful improvement and better patient outcomes.

Employee Engagement Survey Template

Engage with employees to ensure retention and engagement in every department!

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey Template

Take your customer satisfaction and feedback surveys to the next level with Checkbox!

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