Supply Chain Risk Management Template

Mitigate risks and ensure compliance of your supply chain by running a Checkbox supply chain survey

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Supply Chain Risk Management Template

Supply Chain Risk Management

Ensure your supply chain is operating safely and effectively. Get started with the Checkbox supply chain risk management survey template.

What is a supply chain risk management survey?

A supply chain risk management survey is a comprehensive tool used by organizations to identify, assess, analyze, and manage risks which may occur along the supply chain. The data uncovered in a supply chain risk management survey can help the team to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats within the supply chain and be used to support the development of strategies for mitigating or managing risks. By conducting such a survey, companies can make better-informed decisions to support and protect their supply chain operations, build more seamless and effective processes, and ensure the continuity of their business.

How do we measure supply chain risk management?

A supply chain risk management survey will pose questions related to risk identification, risk assessment, suppliers, data gathering, risk mitigation, regulation and compliance, and communication. These questions aim to identify the success of the current supply chain risk management, any weaknesses or flaws in the system, and what steps are currently being taken to mitigate risk. The survey will contain an assortment of open, closed, and multiple choice questions to enable the collection of quantitative and qualitative data. Open questions will allow space for participants to provide detailed, contextual information needed to fully understand current processes, while closed questions will provide valuable, quantitative data that is essential for the measuring, tracking, and comparing of changes and improvements to supply chain risk management and mitigation over time.

Can I see some examples of supply chain risk management survey questions?

Let’s take a look at some sample questions from a supply chain risk management survey. 1. What are the main pressures driving supply chain management initiatives and how important do you consider those pressures to be? Mark from 1-10. A) Cost reduction B) Production optimisation C) Supply disruption D) Increased lead times E) Customer pressure F) Increased risk due to globalization G) Increased risk due to lean/JIT systems H) Transportation capacity constraints 2. Are any such initiatives currently the key business priorities in your organization and how important do you consider them to be? Mark from 1-10. A) Outsourcing B) Lean/JIT C) VMI and integrated supply D) Supply base rationalization E) IT (specify) F) CPRF G) Agile G) Other (please specify)

How do you create a supply chain risk management survey?

With our tailormade template, Checkbox has made it easy for you to create a supply chain risk management survey. Simply sign up and start your free trial on now–no credit card required.

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