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Have complete control! Host in your own private cloud, run on-prem, or build into your application.

Unlimited Surveys & Responses
Unlimited Questions
Unlimited Style Templates
Advanced Questions & Logic
Multi-Language Surveys and Admin
Host on your own servers
Use your own mail server & domain
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Active Directory Integration
Load Balancing Support
BAA for HIPAA Compliance
Email & Zoom Support
Contact Sales
Flexible licensing options
Access to source code and updates
Natively integrate Checkbox functionality
Email & Zoom Support Options
Developer Support
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Does your team offer professional services to just do it for me?

Yes! Many of our customers aren't professional survey creators and that's why we are here! We offer different professional services to help your team get up and running or to take your existing set-up to the next level. Reach out to to learn more about our offerings.

Are we able to add additional admin users to our plans?

Absolutely! Reach out to and we can handle that for you and your team at any time. If you are in an existing contract, the new user will be pro-rated to the remaining months in your current agreement.

Does your team offer month-to-month plans?

At Checkbox, we tend to focus on supporting teams that are building survey and customer experience programs, not just a single survey. While we don't offer them through the website, if you reach out and talk to our team, we might be able to find a way to accommodate your needs. The best email is

How many customers does Checkbox have?

Checkbox is happy to support thousands of customers that use our software day-in and day-out to ask questions, capture insights and improve experiences. We've been around for over 15 years and are lucky to call some of the largest enterprises, governments and non-profits our customers.

Am I able to get access to source code if I want to do additional customizations?

Yes! Some of our customers work with Checkbox's source code to build our functionality natively into their products and services. These customers range in use cases, but all saw the value in extending our feature set to their customers. We'd be happy to talk through this with you. Just reach out to

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