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On-Premise Survey Software

‍Take control of your data, security and infrastructure with Checkbox. We offer the world's most powerful on-prem survey and customer experience platform to thousands of organizations around the world.

On-Premise Survey Software

Higher Response Rates

With our on-prem solution, you can run everything on your own domain name and email server which has shown to drive an increase in deliverability to your respondents.

Powerful Integrations

Benefit from our powerful REST API and Webhooks to integrate Checkbox into your own set of applications that drives governance, automation and outcomes.

Experience Matters

We've been doing this for over 15 years and support the largest enterprises, governments and NGOs in the world. Take our solution for a spin with a free trial or reach out to our team of experts and get a custom support package to meet your needs.

Increased Data Security

Checkbox provides services to organizations with the highest security requirements ranging from financial institutions, government or healthcare providers. With an on-prem deployment, you have full control over your survey data.

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