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Easy-to-use, secure & powerful survey software designed to help you ask questions, capture insights and improve experiences for citizens and civil servants.


Level-up your customer experience in the public sector

  • Gather insights by automating the way you send surveys. Send follow-ups immediately after meetings, send quarterly feedback requests or annual performance reviews.
  • Engage citizens and employees with the channels you already leverage today: SMS, Email, Website or integrate natively with our REST API.
  • Analyse what people really think with Checkbox's powerful analytics. Dive deeper and integrate responses to your data warehouse.
  • Our WYSIWYG interface requires no coding experience and lets you start a feedback campaign in minutes!
  • We're successful, when you're successful. Reach out to your customer success manager and get help driving improved results.
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We've been serving the government sector for over 15 years!

Choose from pre-made government template surveys that are proven to drive results and feedback. Ask relevant questions with over 50 question types. Customize surveys and reports to match your brand guidelines; including colors, fonts, and logos. It's never been easier for government agencies to level-up customer and employee experiences.

Hosting Options & Security

The most flexible financial services experience platform allows you to run via SaaS or Self-host. Once you are up and running, your team can manage fine-grained user access controls of both admins and respondants.

Data Sovereignty

You care about client success the way we care about data security. That's what we call a true partner. Choose the region in which you want to store your data or self-host our platform to drive ultimate security.

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Checkbox develops affordable, feature-rich survey software for organizations, teams, and individuals

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