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Security & Permissions

We provide our customers with industry-leading security, hosting and permissioning. Whether you are looking to limit access to survey respondents, create role-based access for your own team members or achieve data sovereignty; Checkbox has the solution for your needs.

Security & Permissions
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Control every aspect of your interactions

  • Respondent Access: Create your surveys and forms with password requirements for user to access to complete.
  • Role-Based Access: Provide access to your team members and control down to the specific folders and reports to which they can access.
  • SSO: Leverage single sign-on or Active Directory to ensure that users are on-boarded and off-boarded appropriately.
  • Data Privacy: We adhere to the most rigorous standards and provide hosting options in four regions to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Data Security: Leverage our best-in-class SaaS tool with industry-leading standards or choose to take it even further and run Checkbox on-premise in your own infrastructure.
Security & Permissions

Role Based Access Control

Checkbox allows you to configure how much access each admin user has. User roles control the type of actions an admin user can perform (such as creating a survey or viewing a report). Permissions at the survey, report, or folder level determine which items an admin user has access to. Other than the System Admin, or super-user role, all other admins can only see the items they create, by default. But if you want to share or collaborate with another user on your account, you can simply grant them access to your survey, report, folder, etc. and give them read/write/management access.

Developers welcome!

If you want to dive deeper into our capabilities, make sure to check our our REST API documentation. We've built Checkbox from the ground-up with developers in mind and have the industries most flexible solution for deep integrations.

Not technical? No Problem!

We've worked hard to make Checkbox the easiest and most intuitive survey software on the market. Get up and running in a few clicks. If you need help, reach out! Whatever your needs, we have the plan, support or professional services to get the job done.

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