Employee Engagement Survey Template

Engage with employees to ensure retention and engagement in every department!

Employee Engagement Survey Template

Employee Engagement Surveys

How has employee moral changed over the last two quarters? How has your new cohort of employees found their on-boarding experience? Is the new manager on the sales team doing a good job according to his direct reports? These (and many more) questions are constantly on the minds of HR and Management professionals to ensure employee retention and happiness in these ultra-competitive times. Checkbox makes it simple to set-up engagement surveys that dig into the current state of things at the department level. Whether you are trying to understand a team of 15 or a global organization with 15,000, Checkbox is scalable and easy to set-up. Try Checkbox for yourself for free and be the judge yourself!

Is Checkbox able to integrate with my HRIS System?

Absolutely! Checkbox offers the most robust tools to integrate your surveys with any HRIS system. From Workday to SAP, our team can work to ensure that your entire employee engagement strategy is wired up for ultimate automation.

Are you able to run 360 review surveys with Checkbox?

Yes! Checkbox's product is extremely flexible and allows for any combination of respondents. Checkbox can natively pipe-in unique data about both the specific employee (Name, Start Date, Department, Manager, etc.) and distribute them to different colleagues. Reach out to sales@checkbox.com to learn more.

What are some best practices when running employee engagement surveys?

After 20 years of helping customers get the most out of employee engagement surveys, we've learned the following lessons tend to drive the best insights: 1) Shorter surveys tend to be most effective. Even better if you can meet employees where they are at via email or links via chat apps (Slack or Microsoft Teams). 2) Try to make each question focused on a specific topic. This is helpful when you work to analyze the responses. 3) If you are looking to do reporting across the company, try to make the response types structured vs free-form. If you want additional feedback, ask for that in a follow-up question. 4) Use the data you have to go deeper. We always recommend start dates, managers, departments and locations as part of the underlying employee data. This will make driving change from the results even easier!

Is there an ideal cadence for sending employee engagement surveys?

At Checkbox, we typically recommend that employee engagement surveys are sent out on a monthly or quarterly basis. This often helps management to learn from both trends over time, but also jump-in if anything seems more urgent. Often times, enagement surveys can uncover actionable feedback and areas to provide additional coaching or context to employees if they feel that things are getting off-course. If you are unsure on how to set-up these programs, feel free to rach out to our team who have worked with HR and Management Teams for years!

How can I use this template in my own account?

Once you sign-up for Checkbox, reach out to support@checkbox.com to let them know that you'd like to have this template added to your account. We will ensure that you are all set-up and ready to go!

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