Supply Chain Audit Template

Enhance the performance of your supply chain by creating a supply chain audit in Checkbox

Supply Chain Audit Template

Supply Chain Audit

A supply chain audit is a useful tool for examining a company’s supply chain operations, processes, and practices to understand and assess their efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with regulations. The results of a supply chain audit provide you and your team with valuable insights and recommendations for enhancing supply chain performance, reducing costs, mitigating risks, and ensuring your company is adhering to legal and regulatory requirements. This valuable information can be used to develop and improve strategies for more streamlined and effective supply chain management.

What is a supply chain audit?

A supply chain audit is a rigorous examination of a company or organization's supply chain processes and practices that seeks to review their efficiency, compliance with regulations, and general performance. Key elements of the audit include a process evaluation, compliance check, risk assessment, cost analysis, and inventory management, while additional areas covered might include supplier performance, sustainability, or IT systems. The supply chain audit is usually performed by in-house company auditors with the goal of identifying areas for improvement or optimization along the supply chain.

How do we measure supply chain audit data?

Measuring supply chain audit data involves reviewing information gathered during the audit to identify patterns and analyze performance. With this information, auditors can then make better informed decisions for improving systems and processes. Questions asked in a supply chain audit are a mixture of closed and open questions related to backup plans, supplies of critical parts, and cyber security, among others. While closed questions provide quantitative data which can be measured, tracked, and compared easily, open questions provide qualitative or anecdotal data which can provide more detail and context related to specific scenarios and support trends found in the quantitative data.

Can I see some examples of supply chain audit questions?

Let’s take a look at some sample questions from a supply chain audit. 1. How satisfactory were the results of your organization's recent cybersecurity review? A) Very satisfactory B) Somewhat satisfactory C) Not satisfactory 2. What backup plans are in place for critical vendors? 3. What plans are in place to manage labor shortages?

How do you create a supply chain audit?

If you want to create a supply chain audit, you’ll find the easiest way to do it is to sign up to Checkbox and use the provided template. Start your free trial on now–no credit card required.

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