Gaps in Care Survey Template

Improve your patient experience by running a Gaps in Care Survey with Checkbox.

Gaps in Care Survey Template

Gaps in Care Survey

A gaps in care survey is the perfect tool for healthcare organizations seeking to identify areas for improvement in the patient experience, services and treatment, health outcomes, and the performance of healthcare professionals. With the valuable data and feedback that the survey gathers, your healthcare organization can implement the changes needed to address gaps in patient care, boost health outcomes, and dramatically increase levels of patient engagement and satisfaction.

What is a gaps in care survey?

A gaps in care survey is an assessment tool used in healthcare environments such as doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, and nursing homes to identify where there might be gaps in a patient’s healthcare experience or discrepancies in the level of care they receive by healthcare professionals. The survey will typically ask questions about specific elements of a patient’s care, such as access to services, treatment outcomes, experience with staff, and overall levels of patient satisfaction. The goals of performing such a survey include identifying areas of improvement, learning about the patient’s experience, assessing the organization’s compliance with regulation, and reviewing the performance of healthcare professionals.

Why is a gaps in care survey important?

A gaps in care survey provides significant value to healthcare organizations as well as the patients who use their services. One of the main reasons for this is that a survey can help a healthcare team identify opportunities for improvement which can lead to targeted actions to enhance patient experiences and treatment outcomes. Recognizing and addressing gaps in care also assists healthcare providers in raising the quality of the care they deliver overall, preventing medical errors, and nurturing a healthcare setting that is better suited to optimizing its resource allocation. Another key benefit of performing a gaps in care survey is that it ensures clinicians and staff are fully compliant with clinical guidelines and accreditation standards. The survey can even be used to measure a team’s adherence to established protocols. In a similar vein, a gaps in care survey supports data-driven decision making in healthcare. This ensures providers make informed choices about patient care and know where their efforts should be focused. Finally, simply engaging patients in the process of completing a gaps in care survey is likely to boost their engagement with their healthcare provider. It shows that the team is invested in providing patient-centered care and continually trying to improve health outcomes. This makes patients feel heard and valued which can often lead to more active involvement in their own care, which leads to more positive health outcomes overall.

Questions to include in your gaps in care survey

It’s important to ask the right questions when trying to assess gaps in care at your facility in order to gather the data you need. Here are some example questions for your “gaps in care” survey. 1) What didn't you like about your previous visits to this facility? 2) Have you encountered any challenges in obtaining necessary healthcare appointments? 3) What do you expect from your healthcare provider?

How to create a gaps in care survey

If you’re looking to create a gaps in care survey yourself, then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together an easy-to-use gaps in care survey template which you can use to craft your own survey. To get started, simply sign up for your free trial on now–no credit card required.

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