Consumer Behavior Survey Template

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Consumer Behavior Survey Template

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Consumer behavior surveys are an important research and assessment aid for company research teams who wish to gain a deeper understanding of consumer opinions, preferences, and behavioral choices. By using a consumer behavior survey, you’ll be able to identify customer needs, prioritize products and features, and gain deeper knowledge of market trends. To get the most out of your consumer behavior survey, we’d recommend running them regularly with your target user group. This ensures you gather the most current and relevant information available, as well as enable the accurate tracking, measurement, and comparison of customer behavior and market trends over time.

Consumer Behavior Survey Template


What is a consumer behavior survey?

A consumer behavior survey is an invaluable tool for businesses, marketers, and consumer psychologists who want to gain a more rounded picture of how customers feel about a product or service and what informs their purchasing decisions. The survey asks the customer a range of questions, covering subjects such as their earning potential and how they feel about the product. The data gathered is then used to inform new products, improve current offerings, and gain an understanding of the market.

How do we measure consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior is measured by asking customers a mix of open, closed, and multiple-choice questions.These questions are concerned with both the individual’s personal status, such as their level of income, marital status, and education, and their purchasing preferences and behavior, such as what motivates them to shop online or offline, and the influence of social media on their purchasing decisions. The questions related to personal status provide survey providers with important context about the user’s budget and personal needs, while the questions regarding purchasing behavior inform them of why they make specific decisions in online and offline shopping environments. By combining question format types, researchers can gather both quantitative and qualitative data; the former assisting in measuring, tracking, and comparing data over time, the latter in providing anecdotal evidence that can help with context and deeper understanding.

Can I see some examples of consumer behavior survey questions?

To give you an idea of the sort of questions you’re likely to see on a consumer behavior survey, here are some examples: What is your current employment status? Select an option What motivates you to shop in-store versus online? Ability to see/touch the product Convenience Availability of products Pricing/discounts Other Do you typically research a product online before making a purchase? Yes No

How do you create a consumer behavior survey?

The easiest way to create a consumer behavior survey is to sign up to Checkbox and use the template above. Start your free trial on–no credit required.

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