Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Connect feedback from patients to specific shifts, departments or caregivers to drive meaningful improvement and better patient outcomes.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Remember the last time you were receiving care as a patient? What could have been better? Was the doctor late? Did they have good bedside manner? Did you know where to provide that feedback? More importantly, were you working with an organization that cared to implement the feedback and improve? We all know that healthcare can always improve, that's why you are here. Make sure that your patients know how much your organization cares and improves its approach through their feedback. By implementing an effective patient feedback program, you can help healthcare providers up-level their day-to-day and reduce blind spots.

Is Checkbox HIPPA or PIPEDA compliant?

Yes! Checkbox has been serving the healthcare industry for 20 years and can support your team with the necessary approach and documentation to support your organization's needs specific to healthcare.

Can we set-up patient follow-up surveys to be sent to patients directly after a visit?

Absolutely! Many of our customers integrate Checkbox with their patient systems of record to ensure that surveys are sent to patients every time they have completed a visit or interaction with a member of their organization. In fact, automating feedback is the #1 best way to ensure feedback is captured and has context which increases the impact of the feedback.

We are really worried about data security, what options do you have for us?

Checkbox is one of the few providers that has prioritized security and flexibile hosting options from the start. Not only can you choose where your data is hosted (US, Canada, Europe or Australia), but you can also choose to host our software on your own servers or private cloud. We believe that these options empower you and your organization to take the best stance on data security possible.

Do you have any reference customers in the healthcare space?

Yes! John's Hopkins, Fraser Healtch, NIH and many other organizations around the world use Checkbox to learn and improve from feedback.

I really like this template and would love to implement it at my organization. How do I get started?

If you want support getting started, please reach out to We can get your account provisioned, provide a free trial and set-up your initial survey to ensure success!

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