Diversity and Inclusion Survey (D&I) Template

Identify sentiment and feedback regarding workplace culture by running a diversity and inclusion survey with Checkbox.

Diversity and Inclusion Survey (D&I) Template

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

A diversity and inclusion survey is a type of employee or member engagement survey which assists researchers in better understanding how individuals feel about their place of work or community. It does this by examining topics such as belonging, fairness, opportunities, decision-making, and diversity, and asking members of the organization for feedback. With a diversity and inclusion survey, you’ll be able to identify pressing issues around workplace or community culture and prioritize improvements for the well-being of all individuals, which can help to make all individuals feel heard and valued. For best results, we’d recommend regularly conducting diversity and inclusion surveys in order to have the most up-to-date information to hand, and to enable the accurate tracking of progress over time.

What is a diversity and inclusion survey?

A diversity and inclusion survey aims to gather data on employees’ or community members’ feelings on how inclusive and diverse their place of work or community is, as well as collect information on the company or community itself; its culture, opportunities, accessibility, and inclusiveness. Diversity and inclusion surveys help researchers to uncover if, where, and how different individuals experience the company or community culture and where improvements could be made. In addition to data collection, a diversity and inclusion survey is a way for an organization to demonstrate its interest in feedback on this topic and that it wants to provide individuals with a safe space to discuss relevant issues, give feedback, and create change.

How do we measure diversity and inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is measured by asking employees a range of open, closed, and multiple choice questions which seek to gather data on an individual’s own identity, with questions centered around age, gender identity, race, disability, and sexual orientation.The survey also seeks to gauge employees’ feelings on how they are treated by others in the workplace, how they feel about the workplace culture, and areas they would like to see changed or improved. Having open questions in this context is important, as employees can put forward suggestions for improvements and expand on their ideas, providing researchers with high quality qualitative, anecdotal data. Closed and multiple-choice questions, on the other hand, enable researchers to gather valuable quantitative data that can be easily measured, tracked, and compared over time.

Can I see some examples of diversity and inclusion survey questions?

Are you curious to know what kind of questions might be included on a diversity and inclusion survey? If so, take a look at these examples: 1) On a scale of 1 to 10, how diverse do you think the workplace is in terms of race and ethnicity? 2) On a scale of 1 to 10, how inclusive is the workplace culture? 3) On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable do you feel speaking up about issues related to diversity, equality, and inclusion?

How do you create a diversity and inclusion survey?

The simplest and smartest way to create a diversity and inclusion survey is to sign up to Checkbox and use the template we’ve provided. Start your free trial on Checkbox.com–no credit required.

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