Workplace Stress Survey

Measure the stress levels and happiness of your employees with a Checkbox survey.

Workplace Stress Survey

Workplace Stress Survey

An invaluable tool used by businesses and organizations seeking to identify employee stress triggers in the workplace, a workplace stress survey collects data and insights from employees regarding job stress, workload, company culture, and employee relationships. With this information, you and your team can implement positive changes that reduce work-related stress and anxiety, boost morale, increase retention levels, and help to attract new talent.

What is a workplace stress survey?

A workplace stress survey is a questionnaire filled out by a company or organization’s employees which is designed to measure the stress levels within the team and to discern where the origins of employee workplace stress might be. The questions in a workplace stress survey encourage employees to open up about their work demands, workload, relationships with other colleagues, job security, and the overall work culture at the organization. This is done through the use of open, closed, and multiple choice questions. With the quantitative and qualitative data collected, a company can implement changes that will reduce employee stress levels, boost morale, and improve employee retention.

Why is a workplace stress survey important?

A workplace stress survey holds value for multiple reasons. First of all, it shows your employees that you care about their experience working for you and that you want to stay informed of their well-being. In the instance that your employees are experiencing undue stress, performing the survey also demonstrates that you are actively trying to make changes to reduce it. This helps employees feel valued which in turn increases staff retention levels and bolsters overall employee morale. A workplace stress survey is also the key to unlocking useful information about key causes of stress for your employees that you might otherwise be unaware of. This is because an employee is more likely to speak up about a stressful workplace relationship or a demanding workload in an anonymous survey than to address it directly with a manager. The workplace stress survey is the perfect opportunity for you to uncover how your employees feel at work and to learn about any factors preventing them from doing their job to their best ability. Performing a workplace stress survey is the ultimate time-efficient tool for gathering a large quantity of qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to inform workplace improvements. While closed and multiple choice questions provide quantitative feedback that can be used for tracking, measuring, and comparing data over time, open questions encourage employees to provide anecdotal, qualitative feedback that can give your team real insights into specific situations and be used to support quantitative findings. When the right questions are asked as part of your workplace stress survey and positive changes are implemented based on the data gathered, not only are staff retention levels boosted, your company gains a reputation for taking its employees’ well being seriously. This kind of positive working environment can significantly aid your recruitment efforts when you are looking to attract the brightest talent in the field.

Questions to include in your workplace stress survey

Asking the right questions in your workplace stress survey will be crucial to gathering the data you need from employees. Here are some examples of questions you might want to consider including. 1) How would you rate the level of your job stress? a) No stress b) Mild, c) Moderate, d) Severe, e) Extremem 2) What are the most stressful aspects of your job? 3) How long have you been experiencing stress from work? a) Less than a month b) 1-3 months c) 4-6 months d) Six months - one year e) More than one year

How to create a workplace stress survey

Here at Checkbox, we’ve created a workplace stress survey template which you can use to craft your own survey. To get started, simply sign up for your free trial on now–no credit card required.

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