Employee Benefits Survey Template

Assess the satisfaction with your employee benefits with an employee benefits survey in Checkbox!

Employee Benefits Survey Template

Employee Benefits Survey (HR)

With employee benefits playing an increasingly key role in job candidates’ decision making, it’s more important than ever for businesses to learn how much value their benefits packages offer potential employees and how satisfied current employees are with their company benefits programs. With an employee benefits survey, a company can demonstrate its desire to offer employees real value and learn how to improve its current offering to better attract and retain new hires.

What is an employee benefits survey?

An employee benefits survey is a questionnaire used by businesses to help them understand employees’ feelings towards their employee benefits programs and how the company can better tailor their benefits packages to attract and retain talent. Organizations which invest time and resources into learning how their employees feel about their benefits packages not only demonstrate a sincere desire to incentivize and reward their employees, they also learn which benefits to offer to boost employee loyalty and support recruitment efforts.

How do we measure employee benefit satisfaction?

Employee benefit satisfaction is measured by asking employees multiple choice questions about their level of satisfaction in regard to different benefits the company offers. These might be health insurance benefits, sick leave policies, or flexible work opportunities. Employees can select an answer between “Very satisfied” or “Very happy” to “Very unsatisfied” or “Very unhappy.” Employee benefit surveys frequently include feedback boxes in which employees can write their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on employee benefits packages and how those packages could be improved. These feedback opportunities demonstrate to the employee that the company is genuinely interested to know how it could improve.

Can I see some examples of employee benefits survey questions?

Curious to know what kind of questions an employee benefits survey contains? Here are some examples: How satisfied are you with our sick leave policies? Are you satisfied with our professional development guidelines? What would you say is the best part of our benefits package and why?

How do you create an employee benefits survey?

The easiest way to create an employee benefits survey is to sign up to Checkbox and use the template above. Start your free trial on Checkbox.com–no credit required.

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