Employee Experience Survey Template

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Employee Experience Survey Template

Employee Experience Survey

An invaluable tool used by businesses and organizations, an employee experience survey seeks to collect feedback directly from employees regarding how they feel about working for a company. This anecdotal and statistical data can be used to inform improvements to the employee experience which can in turn boost employee morale, increase staff retention levels, and help to attract new talent. When performed at regular intervals, patterns and trends in employee behavior can be observed over the long term which can be used to inform and improve morale-boosting and productivity-enhancing strategies.

Employee Experience Survey Template


What is an employee experience survey?

An employee experience survey is a data-gathering tool used by companies to collect feedback from employees related to the workplace, the work environment, job roles, opportunities, and company culture. The survey aims to collect information that can be used to improve the experience of employees, from how an individual experiences the recruitment process and onboarding, to how they feel about daily activities, interactions with colleagues, and career development opportunities offered by the company. The results of an employee experience survey provide a company with valuable insights into how their workforce feels about working for the company. This data can be used to inform improvements in company processes, practices, the work environment, and company culture, while the improvements themselves can boost employee morale, increase staff retention, and help to attract new talent.

How do we measure employee experience?

The employee experience survey poses questions to employees related to their work lives, tasks, interactions with colleagues, company culture, salary, recruitment, and work environment. These questions enable an employer to better understand how satisfied their employees are at the company and what they might be able to do to improve satisfaction levels. Typically, an employee experience survey will consist of a range of open, closed and multiple choice questions to facilitate the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data. In this type of survey, it’s particularly important to include open questions so that employees feel listened to and that their opinions are valued and taken seriously. Open questions can also provide useful context and anecdotal evidence to support quantitative data results. The quantitative data collected through asking closed or multiple choice questions enables employers to clearly see how successful any implementations or changes have been at improving the employee experience over time.

Can I see some examples of employee experience survey questions?

1. Which areas of your job or workplace do you believe need improvement? 2. How would you rate your relationship with your immediate supervisor? 3. What suggestions do you have for improving the employee experience at [Company Name]?

How do you create an employee experience survey?

Checkbox has created an employee experience survey template which you can use to craft your own survey. To get started, simply sign up for your free trial on Checkbox.com now–no credit card required.

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