Customer Service Survey Template

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Customer Service Survey Template

Customer Service Survey Template

Customer service surveys are an invaluable gauge of how satisfied your customers are with your customer service and customer support teams. By diving into the results of your survey, you’ll be able to quickly identify recurring issues, improve the customer’s experience of your support offering, and show your customers that you take their opinions and feedback seriously. When repeated regularly, a customer service survey is a great way to track and measure on-going improvements in your customer’s satisfaction levels and demonstrate positive changes to company stakeholders.

What is a customer service survey?

A customer service survey is a questionnaire which businesses use to better understand their customers’ experiences with their customer service representatives and customer support teams. The survey is typically designed to gather measurable feedback on particular aspects of each customer’s experience with the customer service team, such as how professional the team were at handling a customer query, or how promptly a customer received a response to a request. With these customer insights, a company can improve the service it offers and prioritize the most pressing customer concerns relating to the company’s customer services department.

How do we measure customer service satisfaction?

Customer service satisfaction is measured by asking customers a range of multiple choice questions regarding their experience with a customer service team, with answers typically ranging from “Very satisfied” to “Unsatisfied.” Survey questions cover different aspects of their interactions with customer service employees, including employee responsiveness and employee professionalism. These questions help a business to track, measure, and compare each customer’s level of satisfaction with the service and enable them to prioritize improvements to the service based on their customer’s preferences and needs.

Can I see some examples of customer service survey questions?

How would you rate the professionalism and courtesy of our customer service representative? Did our team respond to your inquiry or request in a timely manner? How satisfied were you with the service you received from our team?

How do you create a customer service survey?

The easiest way to create a customer service survey is to sign up to Checkbox and use the template above. Start your free trial on–no credit required.

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