Brand Perception Survey Template

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Brand Perception Survey Template

Brand Perception Survey

A brand perception survey is an invaluable data collection method for companies and organizations to gauge how their customers, users, and stakeholders feel about their brands. By utilizing this tool, you can get a clear sense of how accurately your brand’s messaging and values are coming across, how they might be improved, and which actions need to be prioritized over others. We’d recommend performing your brand perception survey regularly as this will enable you to gather the most up-to-date opinions on your brand, accurately track progress, and get a real sense of changing consumer attitudes and trends.

What is a brand perception survey?

A brand perception survey is a set of questions asked of a company’s customers, users, and stakeholders to understand how its brand is perceived by these groups. Insights from such a survey might include how survey participants feel when they interact with the brand and what they associate with it. A brand perception survey is a powerful tool for gathering the qualitative insights and quantitative data needed to better understand customers, track opinions and responses over time, and prioritize improvements and changes. It’s also an opportunity for an organization to demonstrate the value they place on the user’s experience of their brand and give users an opportunity to air their views.

How do we measure brand perception?

We measure brand perception by asking users, customers, and stakeholders a range of questions regarding their perception of the company, their experiences with products and customer services, and their level of satisfaction with the company both in specific instances and generally. This is done through the use of open, closed, and multiple choice questions that enable companies to gather quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data assists in the tracking and comparison of data over time, while qualitative data, such as anecdotal evidence, can be used to support this.

Can I see some examples of brand perception survey questions?

Here are some examples of questions you’re likely to find on a brand perception survey: 1) How likely are you to purchase from [Brand Name] again in the future? 2) How likely are you to recommend [Brand Name] to a friend or family member? 3) Which words or phrases come to mind when you think of [Brand Name]? (Select all that apply) A) High-quality B) Affordable C) Innovative D) Reliable E) Stylish F) Boring G) Trustworthy H) Cool

How do you create a brand perception survey?

Create your brand perception survey by signing up to Checkbox and using the template we’ve provided. Start your free trial on–no credit card required.

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